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I have twenty six years of experience, which includes 6 months as a research project manager at the “Centre d´Expérimentation Routière”, two years at the Zaragoza – Villanueva de Gállego dual carriageway; one year as an assistant site manager and one year as a site manager. Two years working as an engineer working on projects to build railway stations, developing a flood prevention plan for the Basque Country, and providing technical support at the under-river tunnels in the Bilbao Metro. One year as a site manager building three underpasses for a railway in Badalona. Four years in charge of the technical coordination of the Lisbon Metro construction site management. One year as technical department manager at the U.T.E. Sella (Dragados – Fomento) for building the Caravia-Llovio section of the Cantábrico dual carriageway. Four years as a project coordinator and construction consultant for the new Light Rail System in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto (Porto Metro). One year as a director and representative for ENSITRANS association, liaising with Porto Metro, responsible for the association’s management and technical coordination. In 2005 I was a representative for SENER consortium, which won the tender for the management and consultancy for completing phase 1 and expanding the Light Rail System in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Porto. I was in charge of “General Management and Consultancy”, which included the following areas; Tenders and Contracts, Cost Planning and Control, Information Systems, Project Analysis and Reconciliation, and the Integrated Security System for commissioning the Light Rail System for public use. Since March 2006, I have been the founding member and technical director of the company “Proyectos y Obras Singulares de Ingeniería Civil, THURRIS S.L.” 2009 Technical Director Orán Tranway for Isolux - Corsán Corvián S.A. Since 2010 Project Manager and Sales Manager for Portugal for Amberg Infraestructuras. Since 2012, Senior Project Manager for Projects in India for Amberg India.