Building a Lean Team: Who Do You Really Need?

By on March 2, 2017

A lean team can help your business achieve your goals. Our friends over at discuss the key components you need to build a lean team and how you can capitalize on it.

Creating a lean team for your business will significantly reshape your business by ensuring that you have people improving and evaluating each phase of your operations. By thinking lean, you are looking at boosting customer value and addressing customer problems quickly that consequently revamp your company for the better.

Building a Lean Team: Who Do You Really Need?

But how do you exactly choose members for your lean team? How do you know if the person you have chosen is a good fit? Below are some tips on choosing people for your lean team.

  1. Include members from different departments.
  2. Your team should have an open view of your entire system. This means that you shouldn’t be forming a team composed of people with the same background and responsibilities. Solving a problem within your business system would be easier if you include the input and insight of those from other departments. This way, there is a diverse resource of knowledge, experience and ideas. Make sure to include people who have a relevant perspective on your entire business process.

  3. Avoid appointing people who have already been delegated to do a certain job.
  4. When building a lean team, it is quite a disadvantage to choose supervisors or managers who are already juggling several responsibilities within your company. This is because they simply are too busy to focus with all the things that they have to attend to. Getting the cream of the crop from every department could be a crippling decision instead of a helpful one. So who are you going to choose? Choose someone who is available, who has full knowledge of the process, who is passionate about it, and who can pick it apart and suggest novel ideas to improve it.

  5. A critical but creative mind is a plus.
  6. It isn’t actually enough for somebody to just be knowledgeable. The best person for the job would be someone with a critical but creative mind. Since you formed the lean team to address customer issues and bring in improvements, somebody who just wants to stick to the rules and is afraid of change isn’t going to be of much help. You need somebody who can see loopholes and come up with ways of how to plug them up. Generally, this means that you need to tap people who isn’t afraid “to shake things up” in a positive manner. The ability to “think outside the box” is a must for members of your company’s lean team.


After choosing the right mix of people for your lean team, the next step that you cannot miss is to trust and empower them. Allow them to voice out their opinions and criticisms, challenge them to come up with solutions, and empower them to test those out. Value their feedback and give them permission to act on it.
Ultimately, the success of a lean team to lead a company’s innovation lies on those at the top of the tier since they have control over how members of the team would be chosen and how they will be empowered.

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