Do You Need Mobile Apps For Car Lease Business?

By on January 25, 2017


  • If you want to start a car lease business, it is important to consider the final booking option.
  • As booking is the major factor which will contribute to revenue generation, you must decide whether to provide booking option through the site or the mobile application.
  • Mobile applications will appeal to your consumer segment as more than 90% will switch on the GPS to find the nearby cars or companies which deliver professional services in this field. However, you cannot neglect the website also as people must find you on the web to check your credibility.

# 1 – Web-site presence is a must

  • You must have a web-site presence with photos of your car fleet and driver photos (if present).
  • The web-site must demonstrate their contact details and explain the services in-depth. The plans and the costs must be competitive and services must be professional too.
  • It is very important and critical to consider that people look to a site and check if customer testimonials are present on it.
  • The site must have Google friendly features and responsive to mobile and tablets. It must have call to action buttons to prompt the customer to download the mobile app after reading the features
  • The site must document all the features of the app with a sole purpose of educating the customers on how to lease the car effectively with minimum clicks.

# 2 – Build a consumer-focused mobile app

  • The mobile app must have a login and registration option. It must have the option to receive password and booking confirmation on the registered mobile number.
  • The app must provide the option to book the car through GPS or look for services or companies providing the services. It must have a database of all attractions and quickly calculate the total fare from the user’s current location for a per day/hour basis.
  • The app must provide an option to pay through debit/credit card and wallet function also.
  • It must have a redeem button to redeem coupon on the rides (acts as a loyalty scheme to attract more customers).
  • The mapping function must be accurate and should quickly display the source and destination along with the live car lease tracking.
  • You must be able to send status message to the driver and find its contact details from the app easily (If the app supports car and driver function instead of listing car rental or leasing companies).


  • As consumers use digital touch points like mobile on-the-go, you must harness the power of mobile apps and launch your car lease mobile app with the site right now.
  • The user experience must be simple, clean and clear to the consumer and must help to book or access a particular page in minimum time.
  • Finally, you must equip help and tutorials in the mobile app so that customer can access and send a complaint quickly/check how a particular feature works/or check if a company has got good reviews to lease a car in the area.

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