What Is A Good Marketing And Project Management Strategy For Starting Car Business?

By on December 12, 2016

A Car Business dealing with rental or selling is lucrative if it is in the first place marketed well and then complimented with project management and quality operations management.
There are many minute details related to the business like you must also know that people will also shop for accessories like keyless remotes and your business strategy must cover these important points.
As long-term customer bonding can only be done if you always engage the customer repeatedly, it is important to pay attention to these minute details.

Marketing strategy

# 1 – Analyze the Customer Expectations

  • It is important to first look for the list of problems faced by the customer in acquiring a car.
  • Easier said than done, you must go all out to send surveys or send survey staff to all leading car showrooms apart from customers to extract information.
  • You must connect with people and engage in the social media to gather information also. Connecting with experts on LinkedIn and talking to them is also a good idea.
  • Once the information is collected, you must check the competitors, their offered solution and the product gaps that you can cover easily. This information will help you, in the long run, to keep on analyzing the competitor and stay on top.
  • # 2 – Build an Agile Product

  • Before your marketing and sales people start doing marketing campaigns or pitch your business to investors and customers, it is important to build a quality, customer engaging, and superior product that has the best user experience.
  • The user experience should concentrate on solving the customer problem in minimum clicks.
  • The user experience must be unique and fresh. It should not copy the user interface of the competitors as it will distract the customers and they will fend away and visit other sites.
  • The presentation must document realistic business and revenue goals to know future implications and benefits of the products. It is important to prepare realistic and accurate figures so that the PPT can serve the purpose well.
  • All the marketing branding material must be properly designed and online profile must compliment the idea. It must concentrate on small items like ‘How people can use keyless remotes to keep their loved ones safe’. These indirect marketing slogans and campaign ideas will drive the consumers to your product and drive more consumers and strategies
  • So, an agile product combined with user experience and customer engagement through social media before the launch will hype your product. It is important to offer freebies also as you must engage the customers from the onset
  • # 3- Launch like A Star

  • Hire a celebrity and call for a press release. Collaborate with top newspaper brands and announce your product. It will help you get the brand connection with investors.
  • From consumer’s point of view, Face2Face and social media interactions work best as you cannot reach to the public easily.
  • It is important to segment the overall customers into divisions and prepare segment specific campaign or personalized campaign for top users.
  • Once done, you have to ensure that you reach out to these customers and ask more about the services and ways to improve. Old ways like wishing them on a birthday are good but do not work to elevate professional relationships.
  • Project Management Strategy

  • Behind the scenes, your operational and project management strategy must be spot on. From day one, your marketing and other staff must work on reliable project management software. You can easily set up business rules and change the policies in the software.
  • Never do things manually as it will create chaos in the long run and the transition at the later stage may cost you customers, investors, and brand reputations.
  • Focus and build campaigns, workflow and checklists

  • It is important to build campaigns, workflow, checklists, and guidelines with top most clarity so that your marketing associated can understand their day to day responsibility and never miss any task or guideline.
  • In the case of any major policy update, it is important to first train the staff and then releases it so that they can quickly adapt it to their lifestyle.
  • Most important, you must prep the staff and segment the work for each department. So, a cold calling staff knows and can easily extract the sheet from the software and start calling showroom dealers and customers.
  • They should not wait for instructions. A quick agile daily stand-up meeting should do the job for you.
  • It is important to maintain the guidelines and educate the staff if they do not know much about the car.
  • So, if a customer asks for key fob replacement, they can quickly find the related information from the software and tell them to contact the car dealer accordingly.
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