A Good Car Rental Business Strategy

By on October 17, 2016

Car Rental Business is a lucrative industry. If you want to start the business as an entrepreneur, you must prepare a proper car rental business strategy. A strategy must have both present and future visions of the business keeping the employees and customer interest in top priority.

# 1 – Analyze the demography

  • It’s important to analyze the demography and make a business plan/ strategy accordingly. Let’s say if you are looking to start the car rental business in the Middle East (Dubai), it’s indeed a great idea.
  • The car lease services in Dubai are in great demand due to the every going construction activities.
  • However, you must keep in mind the cost of the fleet, driver package, the safety of the passenger, and also maintenance package so that maximum fleet can join your business. Plus, the rates need to be competitive and logical.

# 2 – Build a robust solution

  • You must decide if a mobile app is an ideal solution to rent a car in Dubai.
  • You can also decide for a web-based solution also. Choosing the right solution depends on the demography if people are mobile app savvy or they will call and book a cab. Though app booking is still a good option, call center services will give a personal local touch.

# 3 – Hire a Dedicated staff

  • It’s important to get away with temporary staff and only hire dedicated technical and customer staff for on-time operations delivery.
  • The marketing staff must be carefully chosen with diverse experience in social media and direct marketing to attract leads easily.
  • You must track the campaign and use free software like Zoho to cut costs. Social media is an important place and platform to track if your campaign is doing well.

# 4 – Launch in phases

  • The world is agile. You just cannot launch a fully fledged service and tell the consumers to start using it. If you launch car lease services in Dubai with features similar to Uber, the customer will get confused and it will kill the excitement and anticipation factor also.
  • So, build small and test if it is gaining popularity. Also, build a unique solution with different user interface and features. This novelty will fetch customer interest and they will start using your solution.
  • You must think for getting an investor on board and ensure the operational costs are less and whole set up is working as a lean set up.

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