Motivating Employees Is Good but Keeping Them Happy Is the Real Secret

By on September 21, 2016

Being a manager is great but also a challenging experience, especially when you lead a big organization with numerous employees. Why? Because each individual is special and has specific needs that must be properly considered to ensure productivity. The growth of your business is highly influenced by how involved in the activity the employees are. If they are happy with their work conditions they will do their best to keep their job and help the company evolve.

Your job as a manager is not only to focus on your company’s goals in terms of development but also to cater to your employees’ needs. They are your main asset so keeping them happy brings a wide range of benefits to your business. Motivation is highly important but making them happy is also a must. Let’s see how you can manage to do all that just by following few simple yet efficient managing steps.

Motivating Employees Is Good but Keeping Them Happy Is the Real Secret

Offer Them the Chance to Get Involved in Interesting Activities

Nothing motivates an employee better than offering him the chance to do what he likes and is best at for achieving noticeable results. When the people working for your company are given interesting tasks that they can do with joy and pleasure, their results will be so much better on the long – run.

It is just like reading a good book – you simply do it for the pleasure of reading, without expecting to be paid in return. The same applies in their case – they need to feel like what they are required to do is something they would like to do even without being paid for that. Of course, the financial benefits are highly important for them but the pleasure of engaging in daily activities with joy is also very important and not something you should not be aware of as a manager.

Offer Them the Chance to Get Involved in Interesting Activities

Offer them The Joy of Being Appraised for Good Work

No person wants to work hard and never be appreciated for this. Paying your employees for doing their job is never enough. No one will stay there forever just for receiving a paycheck. Being appraised for their work might just make this happen.

It is very important for all of us to be recognized for good work and the ability to get tasks done in time and with proper results. When you do not gain recognition for good work, it will feel like it is not even important how well you do your job. Offer your employees the joy of feeling appreciated in the office and they will remain your greatest business asset to rely on now and in the future. Organize specific outdoor events meant to focus on the great results obtained by the best employees and offer them public appraisal. Others will want to follow their example as well.

Keep Them Involved in Everything Important

Employees also feel happy when they are part of the business and get to make decisions. Do not keep them away from making decisions because even though this might be challenging for them and you as the manager it will also ensure proper productivity in the workplace. A reliable employee will want to be part of the business as a whole process and feel valued for what he/she has to offer.

Offer them the chance to develop an efficient working system alongside the managerial team and they will want to be part of your world. What you will get in return is highly valuable: a long-term member of your team that will always be there to help your business grow. A happy employee is more important than a simply motivated one because proper motivation cannot come without the joy of being involved in the work process. Organizing outdoor activities with this main purpose is a smart choice.

Keep Them Involved in Everything Important

Full Recognition of Merits

All in all, full recognition of merits and a proper place in your business system will ensure both joyful engagement and efficient motivation for employees at work. Create the kind of working system you would like to be part of as an employee. Make your collaborators feel like you would like to feel while working for someone else and you will reach the highest levels of success with your business. Employees are the most treasurable asset for any organization and the way in which you manage to keep them happy and motivated will influence the road to proper development and business growth. Make them part of your life and business indoors and through outdoor events and they will be there to stay.

Alfred Stallion

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