Reducing stress at workplace

By on May 20, 2016

Whether it’s too many projects assigned to you, or a deadline approaching fast; the reasons for stress at workplace can be plentiful. As a matter of fact, office work remains to be one of the biggest causes of stress in human life.

But, just because workplace stress is common, does not mean we have to accept it. There are ways to make things work. Take a look at how professionals can combat stress at workplace:

1. Shift your perspective
Perception is everything. Believe me. The moment you change your perspective, everything changes. Instead of looking at glass half empty; think of it as glass half full. The same can be applied to almost any and every situation. Don’t think you are yet to accomplish so much. Think about how far along you’ve already come and what all you’ve already accomplished. This one thought alone will suddenly make you see the thing under positive light.

2. Ignore things
Yes, you read that right! But, I’m not asking you to start ignoring your work. Take one task and put all of your energies into it all the while ignoring everything else. Keep other stuff for later to think about. Not everything needs your attention right now. In fact, you cannot give your attention to all the things simultaneously. Take one thing at a time, put blinders on, and get going. Ignore the rest. Trust me, it’s going to save so much of your energy and stress will be out of the equation.

3. Learn to act, not react
The thing is whenever we are faced with a problem, the most important thing in that moment is to act. But, what most of us do is we tend to react. Reacting to a situation is only going to magnify its seriousness. It will make the problem look amplified. Develop a problem-solving attitude. The reason why we feel stressed, not just at workplace, but in general is when things seem to be spinning out of our control. Remember; nothing is out of control as long as you are convinced about it. The moment you give up, that’s when the situation really slips out of hands.

4. Make your work engaging
Having too much to handle is not the only stressor at workplace. Usually the reason behind stress is the burnout caused by repeatedly doing same things over and over. One way to kill monotony and overcome stress is to make work engaging. Try to explore new territories that you haven’t yet explored. Think of ways to do things with a twist. You will be surprised to see how many interesting and unexplored aspects are there to your work that can make it much more engaging.

5. Slow yourself down
Slow is the new fast! Working hurriedly is not advised to anyone who wants to keep stress at bay. Go slowly but steadily and you won’t feel stressed even when you are buried under work. Avoid feeling the rush of getting things done quickly and going too fast. Slow yourself down! You are still going to finish task; only this time you will be able to do with much more perfection.

6. Use lunch breaks to relax
Go outside to clear your head. Take a walk. Use a few minutes to calm yourself down and relax. Break is a crucial part of your routine. Don’t waste it discussing unnecessary stuff or getting involved in gossip sessions. Close your eyes and try to replenish your energy lost during the first half of the day. It’ll prepare you for the second half.

7. Stop being hard on yourself
It’s good to be dedicated towards your work. Everyone wants to be known as the accomplisher. But don’t be a hero. Stop trying to do everything on your own. There’s only so much that one person can do in a day. A lot of times we feel stressed because we feel we haven’t accomplished or done as much as we thought or initially set out to. Lot of people consider themselves underdogs or underperformers just because they set their goals way too high. Don’t be one of those!

What are the key stressors that you struggle with on a daily basis at workplace? How do you combat those stressful situations? Do let us know in the comments section.

Shikha Menwal

Shikha Menwal is a content writer at ProofHub. Her academic credentials include a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences. From lifestyle, to technology, and management, etc. She has written about myriad of industries in her writing career during the last three years. In her free time she loves to watch comedy shows and read spiritual journalism.